Schools “Viewfinder” workshops – Complete!

Gabrielle Reith, Mags Gray, Anne Marquiss & Aubin Stewart (The “Look Inside” collective) have completed the Primary Schools’ workshops & site visits to Aberdeen’s Union Street with Holy Family, Seaton and Woodside P3s


The classes got the kids to look again at their surroundings, starting with their own school grounds. The pupils were asked to focus on the architectural detail, using specially designed “viewfinders” – simple cards with small holes cut out so as to focus on interesting details they found.


The classes were asked to create patterns, textures and simple mark making based on observations from a slide show of Union St photographs. They were then asked to decorate their sketchbook covers with those designs.


Once the classes had understood the tasks & the “Unreal Estate” project, they were taken to Union Street to continue with their observational drawing and “view-finding”. It was fantastic to hear the pupils discover aspects of Aberdeen & Union Street they’d never seen before (some of the teachers even noticed things they walk past regularly!)


Following our visit to Union St we asked the pupils to think of their own building designs & architecture. The children were encouraged to collaborate, the pupils would discuss the sketchbook drawings they had made of Union St and take turns drawing elements and draw together on specific areas, as ideas were discussed.


You will be able to see the fruits of the classes’ labour in the Unreal Estate exhibition during Look Again 2016. Look Inside are now working on creating an artwork using the pupil’s drawings as a collaborative centre piece, which will be documented here on the Unreal Estate website over the coming weeks.

The Look Inside collective would like to thank the Schools, Teachers & Pupils for their hard work and fantastic input during the workshops. They would also like to thank the two interns, Tako & Abigail who were there to document everything over the 6 days through the Creative Learning Team‘s SLAC project.


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