FitLike Records – Unreal Estate Music

Unreal Estate Aberdeen (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Aberdeen Unreal-Estate is a creative project created by Gabrielle Reith that focuses on the city’s stunning, yet often overlooked ‘Granite Mile’: Union Street. Gabi has asked 10 artists, 1 writer, 1 musician, 1 photographer, 1 designer & 3 schools to create a range of interpretations & responses to Union Street. 10 buildings have been selected by Gabrielle & the Aberdeen Archives for their architectural and historical merits in order to garner artists’ responses.

released April 28, 2016


Fitlike Records – Music for Union Street

The fantastic Charley Buchan (Fitlike Records boss) has rallied his roster to create five musical expressions for the Unreal Estate project. These are early “sketches” and are unfinished works – but they are so good, we wanted to give you a glimpse of the fantastic work Charley’s been doing.

The Colonnade – Featuring Daniel Mutch

The Lift Mannie – Featuring Craig John Davidson

Sitting Empty – Featuring Katie Buchan

The Wardhoose

Theme For Union Street

Happy Accident Collective visit the Archives

The Happy Accident Collective visited The Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire archives last week They were shown some of the fantastic historical records and images they hold there relating to Number 520 Union St.

Here is a beautiful image of the elevation of the building, hand drawn by one of the many skilled architects responsible for designing Union St.