The three Schools (Seaton Primary, Woodside Primary & Holy Family RC School had their P3’s exploring Union Street with special “Viewfinders” designed by Gabrielle & documenting their findings through drawing, photography and writing. Aberdeen Artists, Anne Marquiss, Aubin Stewart and Mags Gray (“Look Inside” collective) assisted Gabrielle when working with the Primary Schools on site visits & workshops.


Woodside Primary with Anne Marquiss & Aubin Stewart

Anne & Aubin worked with the P3’s of Woodside Primary. They ran two classes with them, the first was held in the classroom & school grounds, asking the pupils to explore their own school environment, looking, observing, drawings & mark making – in order to get ready for the Union Street visit in the next class. Sadly, the weather prohibited the children from visiting Union Street, so the class used google maps & photographs to explore Union Street virtually.

Seaton Primary with Gabrielle Reith & Mags Gray

Gabrielle & Mags got the children of Seaton’s P3 class to explore their own school grounds & classroom, using the viewfinders too, and were lucky enough with the weather to get onto Union Street for the second class. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their trip & everyone said that they started to see details & things they’d never seen before, even the teachers!

Holy family with Gabrielle Reith & Anne Marquiss

Gabi & Anne worked with the P3s from Holy Family RC School. They really enjoyed their exploration of their school grounds & Union Street. As with all the schools, their productivity was through the roof & their enthusiasm for drawing & looking was fantastic. Below are some images from their Union Street visit & Workshops.